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February 11, 2013
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Soooo, this is the main reason why the next monsters movie is a prequel and not a sequel.

I brainstormed a lot about this pic, did like 10 or more sketches. Until finally I got hit by inspiration and here is the result.
Did like ten different boo versions (Mary by the way, Do your research my friends!!)

When reviewing some self pics from the net (purely with didactical purposes), i realized that the focal point of the perspective is the camera lens. So all of the main lines are aligned to it. That was a mayor discovery for me, so I share it with you.

Tried really hard to not use oversaturated colors, but the pic just didnīt looked right.
So back to my supersaturated coloring.

Thought about showing wazowski and sully a bit older, (longer horns, beard, wrinkles) but felt like pushing it too far.
She is 21 years old and she is in college studying Ancient Mithology.

Enjoy this pic as much as I enjoyed making it.
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temus Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
la sorpresita que se llevaria boo al ver en la foto que tenia espectadores...
AsuraSyn Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
distroy my childhood

hooon Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
"To frighten the child is the point of a scare.  If you frighten the teen, then scarer beware."
dinosapien Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
Oh my god, this is hilarious! XD
theflyingperson65 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
Y'know, I wouldn't be suprised that Mike and Sully did this in their spare time.
BenRG Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Actually, Boo ascending to be a Disney Princess is quite logical. I guess it was more Pixar choking at the thought (and who can blame them? ;) ).

You could have a lot of fun with a late-teen Boo suddenly realising that her 'imaginary friends' weren't as imaginary as she'd convinced herself to believe. Yeah, and that there were still monsters out there determined to be monsters. I guess comedy isn't for everyone!
Spoon300 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student Writer
Dude, You just drew my very first Waifu! Congrats, I'll be sure to thank you on my first Waifu of the Day segment on YouTube as Rebel Taxi Nigo Driver Thin Crust...That is, If I get Pan Pizza's permission to join his Thnikkaband...
cabroon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I get the waifu part, after that it gets confusing. What was that about the you tube segment again?
Spoon300 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Student Writer
It's a segment before the conclusion where I talk about your Artwork and Immortalize it on my Wall.
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