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Bound: determined to break free.
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10 million rubles by cabroon
10 million rubles
With the reward offered for the princess, Dimitri could have kept Anya and asked a lot more for a ransom. Or something like that. 
Anya is another of Don Bluth´s creations and she is not portrayed enough. She is frequently confused with a disney princess. 

So I liked how she looks in the blue dress and I let my imagination fly about how she would look underneath... Took some liberties with her lingerie design, but I tried to conevey a look that fitted the time period of the story. 

Just little differences with my coloring technique (especially skin lighting) but it makes the pic more vivid. 

Enjoy both versions. 
Cabroon out
No interruptions by cabroon
No interruptions
So if the stepmother had been a bit more thorough when making sure that Cindy wasn´t going to be present at the shoe fitting, history would have been different. She DEFINITELY is the kind of stepmother that would tie and gag her stepchild if she considered her an obstacle to her plans. 

Oh and before you start with the loopholes on my representation, all the mice, especially gus and jack jack were eaten by the cat, the windows are closed so no birds or vermins can come in. 


Cabroon out
Dhanurasana by cabroon
A simple, quick idea turned into a pic. 2 or 3 days from concept to completion. 
So "Wii fit trainer" sounds awful. When I was drawing this pic, I came up with the name "Stephanie" and it stuck. 

Trying to understand the design choices behind the character:
-Monotone and desaturated coloring, as if they didn´t want you to get distracted with her.
-Pale white skin as if she were almost a mannekin or an android that is there just to give instructions, trying to not create any attachment. She is one step away from becoming a silouhette. 
-Simple volumetric hint of shadows, just to keep her away from being cell shaded. 
She is almost an ipad girl. 

This pose was cirling in my mind for some time, but just couldn´t land it on a character in a satisfactory way until I noticed Stephanie. 
She was limber enough to handle this pose. 

So I´ve noticed a recent tendency towards dark an shadowed pics in my last posts, so a clear, clean and lighter pic is a nice addition to my gallery. 


Cabroon out. 
Driver Safety by cabroon
Driver Safety
I may be one of the few people that likes Gwen´s teenage design. I made a search for Gwen and most of her depictions show her in her preteen years (cough,cough,drewgardner,cough,cough).
So I thought about showing some appreciation to her first design, which caused me a deep impression. A really good one. 
redhead: check
green eyes: check
Long legs: check
Catholic Schoolgirl (toned down) outfit: check
white long sleeved shirt and popped up neck: check
Swimsuit (white bikini) episode: Check

It was a natural progression that she became the voice of reason of the group and matured faster than the other members. And since she was the only female on the show (at least for some time) it was logical that a romantic arc would develop to move her character forward.
Lots of people hated the way her character developed, but I kinda liked it.

The first variation (ponytail and red sweater) was following the same proportions and design. The later designs of the overall series was just awful.

Still they were nomads and a big part of the show happened in the car, maing it an icon to the series.

Her design is plain and simple, cel shaded. It was interesting adding gradients and volume to her shapes. 
So she is strapped to the car with the belts and she can´t use her powers because she can damage it.
An inside the car view is tricky, I wanted to show most of her body, without having to use an open door view. So I studied the angles until I found one in the middle of the front seats that satisfied me. 
No panty shot this time...


Cabroon out.  
So Shaboygen asked me about my favorite gag. I started answering and realized I was writing an essay about gags, so I might as well post it as a journal.

IŽll go for ball gags -personal preference-. I like the precise moment when the captive finally accepts her fate and opens her mouth letting the gag in -thinking that it wonŽt be so unconfortable and that she will be able to spit it out- and the moment it is tightened around her head and she realizes the mistake that she just made accepting the gag in.  I like to see the lips stretched around the gag and the expression in the face of the captive. You can have the variation in sizes: the huge ones that force the hiperextension of the jaw and stretch the outside lips, and totally oclude the mouth almost choking the captive (but hate them when they are just for show and can easily be pushed out by the captive). Or you can have medium/smaller ones, which can be tightened up deep into the mouth (as seen on "hogtied" homepage videos),with no means of being spit out even with repeated efforts by the captive,  leaving the tongue depressed and the futile effort of biting it, showing the teeth trying to resist it. The captive can wrap her lips around the gag and partially close her mouth or she can open her mouth and show her teeth in despair and disconfort.  Makes the girl drool incontrolably and gives her the false hope that mumbling inintelligible words will get her out of the bind. Love the gag talk, whether it consists of softly pleading or angrily mumbling insults, Girls look so cute with gags. Also, multiple colors to mix and match. Romantic? pink. Kinky: red. Hardcore-leather-chain-bdsm: black.  
The possibilty of a simple, one belt gag, or a complex head harness with it adds to variety. I dont really understand the purpose of the "trainer" ballgag (the one with an underchin strap). Maybe to avoid being spit? but if a simple strap ballgag is adjusted deeply enough it is almost impossible to spit it. Share some insight about it please.

Whiff ball gags (the ones with holes, as seen in japanese hentai bondage pics) are safer because they donŽt block the mouth, allowing breathing and drooling. But they are made of rigid plastic instead of rubber, which makes them more harsh to use for a longer period of time. Nose hooks are just too weird for my taste. 
Also the panel gag seems interesting, but I think that it would just slip down if it is not properly adjusted. Panel gags in combination with a head harness seem adequate.

Functionally I think that a mouth packing with wraparound tape (or elastic sport bandage) is the most effective in muffling the sounds of a captive. Still mouth packing is kind of dangerous. Saliva can accumulate and there is difficulty in swallowing. Also the packing, if not done right, can slide into the back of the throat blocking the airway. 
There is also the problem of a sticky adhesive tape over the hair of the captive and how to safely remove it later. High ponytails or pigtails help with that issue.

Tape gags are ok, but 2 or 3 strips over the mouth just wonŽt do. The captive just has to force open her mouth and the strips will come off (jaw muscles are strong enough to loosen the tape), also with the sweat and saliva, the tape tends to loosen up. So for tape gags to be effective, they have to be wrapped around the head several times, and sealing the lips together.

OTM (over the mouth if youŽre not familiar with the gag terms) is just an esthetical addition after another gag has been set under it. Also dangerous if it blocks the nasal airways 

Cleave gags Are mostly useless in silencing a captive, they just render their speech partially ininteligible. On the other hand, Knotted cleave gags serve a similar purpose as the ballgag, depending on the size of the knot. 

Stick gags or pony gags, might be very unconfortable since they need to go deep into the jaw articulation so they wonŽt be spitted out. This hiperextends the jaw causing discomfort and pain. Depending on the material of the stick gag (rubber, wood, metal, plastic), any force applied by the jaw can damage the teeth or pull a jaw muscle. 
Ring gags are an interesting concept and serve other purposes - ahem- but same principle applies to what I commented with the stick gags. If the captive has a sensitive gag reflex on the back of her throat, she will have the automatic response of trying to close her jaw, damaging her teeth or jaw muscles with the rigid gag, even if it is wrapped in leather or rubber.    

These conclusions come after years and years of visually studying ball gags. 

So, what is your favorite gag? 


cabroon's Profile Picture
nor good, nor evil
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Ever since I was a little boy I felt attracted to the damsel in distress scenario. It was always taboo, it generated a lot of anxiety to think that what I liked was politically incorrect.
I started drawing at a very early age, but deep down I knew that this is what i wanted to draw. I have kept my art for myself. usually just scribbles that I threw away fearing that someone might find them.
Then I grew up and found about bondage and other people sharing my tastes.
It took me a lot of time to accept that I am not right or wrong, I am just hardwired differently. It was a very liberating experience.
Once I had this revelation, I started to sketch like crazy, filled up 4 notebooks, started to ink and scan my drawings.
Standing over the shoulders of the great ones before us, I studied a lot of the PS tutorials found on DA, and finally started coloring my pics.
I feel very happy sharing with all of you my art and I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I am always trying to improve, I like my artwork to have a reason to be, a mini story behind it, something implicit. I like to keep it dynamic, so I constantly try to give depht and perspective to my work (I am not very good at perspective, but I will do my best.

Current Residence: Mexico
Favourite genre of music: instrumental, piano, movie and video games soundtrack
Favourite style of art: toon cel shading
Operating System: xp, resisting to upgrade
MP3 player of choice: winamp in pc. my lousy nokia cell phone on the go.
Wallpaper of choice: Space shuttle in launchpad
Favourite cartoon character: Belle from beauty and the beast, but there are many more.
Personal Quote: Not good, not evil...

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alleypak Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016
I enjoy your Art enormously! You have an incredible talent. I'm sure you must have had some formal training, maybe college? Your drawings come alive. You understand lighting, shading, composition. And your use of color is second to none. Very vivid! There is almost a 3D quality to the artwork. To try and tell you a favorite would be near impossible. And presenting several versions of a particular pose is wonderful. However, I will tell you this -- your Jessica Rabbit is the BEST of all the versions out there! It looks like her gown is actually sparkling! Composition is spot on. As a bondage photographer since 1981 I always consider framing to be very important in my photos. It would take me all day to mention all the things about this that are great. And the curve of her legs is textbook! One of my top bondage pieces of Art. Don't stop!
cabroon Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!! Some formal training but mostly self taught lots of practice and lots and lots of observation.
(some boring and long text coming up...)

I consider my strongest foundation is on line economy, anatomy, and proportions, Mostly because I wanted to become an animator where those principles are basic. I always thought that a bad lineart leads to a bad picture even if you color it beautifully. Our eyes are trained unconciously to tell if something is wrong with perspective or proportions. So I don´t start coloring until I am satisfied with the lineart.
Had to read a couple of books about color theory, but lately my development is based in careful observation and style analysis of artists I admire.

Lighting and shadows come from my extensive use of pencils only, where light and shadow create volume (you can take a look at some of my digital sketches ) , so the transition to color lighting and shadowing was smoother. 
About framing, I grew up watching the 80s and 90s bondage pics and photographers (bedroom bondage and harmony concepts come to mind -all time favorite model: andrea neal) where most pics framed the whole damsel. If you analize my pics, none of them are cropped (double checked and  6 of them actually  are cropped at the lower part of the body... ), all feature the whole girl from head to toe. I guess it is because of those old school bondage pictures that left an impression in me. 
I put much love and care on the Jessica Rabbit pic and I am glad that it was received so enthusiastically. 

Thanks for your comments I will keep the good pics coming. 
BooDestroyer89 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
Hi, do you take commissions? I'd love to get one from you!
CeeAyBee Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
You're one of my personal favorite DA artists. Well done.
~ C.A.B.
cabroon Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. The feeling is mutual. Each cartoon strip you post brings joy to my day. Keep em coming!
aaaaazzzz009 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2015
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
aaaaazzzz009 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
you have really great art .
but i wish you to be more active. but anyway you are amazing Clap 
MINEcraft48 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
Do you take requests?
CrustaceanLord Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Favorite. It means a lot coming from such a large bondage icon such as yourself. :D
cabroon Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Am I an Icon? .... Ha hahahahahahaha. That´s pretty cool!!!! I have never considered myself such, I just try to post my best effort on any idea that crosses my mind. 
Keep up the good work. You can bet I will too. 
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